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Dental Speaker Dr Rosenberg


Dr. Rosenberg’s evidence-based presentations draw upon extensive research and clinical knowledge, offering easy-to-implement vital clinical tips and protocols. Learn more

Dr. Paul Rosenberg - Dental Speaker


Providing dentists and team members with the tools needed for successfully managing the endodontic patient. Learn more

Dr. Rosenberg - Dental Speaker - Pain Free Endodontics

Meet Dr. Rosenberg

Recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award at New York University, Dr. Rosenberg lectures nationally and internationally on the subject of endodontic pain. Learn more

“Drawing upon his immense clinical expertise and leavened with an extensive knowledge of the latest research findings, Professor Rosenberg has created a tapestry for treating the pain patient that is comprehensive, unified, and up to date.”

Ken M. Hargreaves, DDS, PhD; UT Health Science Center; San Antonio, TX