Course Description

Endodontic Pain: Prevention, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Treating patients with similar teeth, comparable medical / dental histories, and using the same clinical approach, may not result in a common outcome. While one patient may experience absolutely no pain the other may have severe pain and swelling. Often the clinician assumes that the problem is due to a procedural error. However, that may not be the complete answer.

Pain is affected by a number of well-defined demographic, socio-cultural, psychological and biological variables. Drawing upon his extensive clinical knowledge and his research while using the best available evidence, Dr. Paul A. Rosenberg will review the influence of genetics, gender and anxiety as well as specific clinical factors that can predispose a patient to pain.

The educational goal of this evidence-based translational presentation is to broaden the participant’s understanding of biological and clinical factors associated with pain from pulp/periapical pathosis and endodontic treatment. This knowledge will enable the clinician to utilize a biologically based pain preventive strategy as well as select appropriate treatment for the patient in pain.

“The playing field is not level.
Some patients may be predisposed to pain.”

 Take the learning deeper!

The Endodontic / Implant Relationship:
History, Present, Future

This evidenced based presentation will focus on the dynamic treatment planning relationship between Endodontics and Implants. The history of that relationship, where it is today and what the future looks like will be reviewed. Case selection and strategies to avoid complications will be discussed in order to provide the patient with the most predictable outcome. Concerning the future we will review evidence relating to who is most likely to be placing implants in the future and how general practice will be affected. At the conclusion of this presentation the clinician will be better prepared to make treatment planning decisions concerning Endodontics or Implants.


Our culture associates endodontics with pain. This lecture provides important clinical tips that are useful for the clinician in preventing and efficiently treating pain. The tips can be used in your practice to alter your pain management strategy. Patients who experience pain-free endodontics can be your best advocates and an effective practice builder!

Dr. Paul Rosenberg

Mix ‘n Match Components to Create Your Customized Presentation:
  • Prevention, causes, diagnosis and treatment of endodontic pain.
  • The dynamic treatment planning relationship between endodontics and implants.
  • Interactive review of challenging cases that participants submit for discussion. Attendees love it!

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Full Day, Half Day, Lunch and Learn, Keynote, Workshop   |    SUGGESTED ATTENDEE: Dentists

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